Hi there!

Nami, chef profile picture

It's Nami here, and I'm the chef founder of ito Desserts & Gifts.

I love making cakes - one of few things that one can do in the world to make something so beautiful as well as delicious. I am a pastry chef by trade; I graduated from École TSUJI Osaka, a French culinary school in Japan, and I have worked in patisseries in Japan and Canada. This unique experience has a great influence on my cake creations, where classic French dessert making meets new Japanese flavour pairing.

So at ito Desserts & Gifts, our goal is two-fold: remind us that we should celebrate even small wins in life, and connect people with what's around us.

Let me break down how we are going to achieve this.

I feel drained today… How shall I refuel?

It must have been a tough day; you’ve made it, though! We both agree that you deserve a small reward for this achievement, and there is no need to travel far and wide for it. Ito Shock-frozen cake flights thaw in half an hour and can endure weeks-long storage in the freezer without losing its freshness and flavour. This means dessert lovers like you can stock up on cakes in the freezer, and make dessert time best suit your schedule.

I can't find the perfect gift for this occasion... Can you help?

Of course! How about bringing with you something colourful, beautiful and delicious? Cakes are a versatile gift and are synonymous with almost all the good happenings. An ito cake flight packs 5 Shock-frozen cakes in assorted flavours. Ito cake flavours are designed to match the seasons of the year, and are thoughtful and inspiring gifts for any occasions.

 - Nami Tamai

ito / 糸

“Ito”, ee-toh, meaning “thread” in Japanese, is at the core of our product values. Strands of thread, through weaving, become strong when interlaced and connected to each other. We hope our products, can connect you with your happiness, and connect you with the people you care about.